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Czech Republic
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Brendan FitzPatrick

 This past summer I had the pleasure of venturing on an expedition that lead me to wherever I was going.  That was the whole point.  I have always wanted to do a trip that had no rules, no itinerary, no car and full of distractions.  Together with my wife, we set off on an adventure that took us to 9 countries in total, with the first stop being a place I have longed to see since I first saw the INXS video for "Never Tear Us Apart".  Funny how things like that stick with you when you are young and impressionable.

It may have taken me 26 years since that moment to get there, but longing to go to a place unknown really drives me. The excitement and the wonder that lead you to get to these places, never leaves you until you have put boots on soil and have truly experienced something you cannot get anywhere else.

Its funny to think that we eat, drink and sleep in the same places, when there is so much to see and to experience.  More often than not, it isn't the money or the fear of a language or place that holds us back, it's time.

Time is of the essence, and the Czech Republic is the essence of time standing still.  These are just some of the thousands of images....




































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