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Redhead Design Blog » Carnaval Du Quebec 2011
Carnaval Du Quebec 2011
Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the past 2 years now, I have attended Carnaval in Quebec.  If anyone needs some insight into why this 2 week event is so spectacular, ask anyone who has ever attended.  Although it is a family oriented festival, the adults are definitely not overlooked.  The nightlife is great and the bars and restaurants are all involved.  Walking the streets of Quebec Vieux ( Old Quebec ) gives you an opportunity to try some traditional Quebecois fare.  The cheeses, and dishes consisting of different ways to prepare rabbit ( such as pate and sausage ) as well as the wine and ever flowing CARIBOU ( a traditional Carnaval and Quebec drink consisting of wine, brandy and secret spices ), is on every corner.  The ice bars, which are carved completely out of ice, are on the streets, and there are no liquor inspectors, barriers or security telling you what to do.  And how and behold, they have no issues.  Everyone respects the environment that they are in, the traditions ( 80% wear the traditional "sash" that can be seen around Bonhomme's waist ) and the culture and what it has to offer.


I have included just a few pictures, but if you are ever looking to see what kind of winter wonderland Canada can offer in February, this is the trip to do.

















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