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    Redhead Designs - Toronto Photographer 

    Welcome to Redhead Designs

    Brendan Fitzpatrick is a Toronto based artist and photographer that specializes in graphic design, fine art, illustration and photography. His imaginative and distinctive styles, are a reflection of Brendan's interests, and are always changing.  He has a unique ability to capture the spirit of his subject, whatever or whomever it may be.  He shows the normally familiar things, in a different light and perspective.


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    The Hills are Alive...
    The Hills are Alive...
    JAN 30, 2014
    As part of the big 2013 adventure, we stumbled into Austria from the Czech Republic. A 3 hour drive through wonderful countryside ( that resembled Canada quite a bit despite the mountainous backdrop ), brought us from Cesky Krumlov to Salzburg. The highest percentage ... read more
    Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
    JAN 29, 2014
    This past summer I had the pleasure of venturing on an expedition that lead me to wherever I was going. That was the whole point. I have always wanted to do a trip that had no rules, no itinerary, no car and full of ... read more
    Birds of Ontario
    Birds of Ontario
    JUN 20, 2011
    I have had the pleasure of travelling all over this huge province, and spending quite a great deal of time "up north". I have always been fascinated by the landscape and the wildlife, but only recently have I really noticed and taken an interest ... read more
    Canada's Parliament
    Canada's Parliament
    APR 21, 2011
    Recently I had the pleasure of taking the long, long, long road from Downtown Ottawa, out to Scotiabank Place to see the Sens take on the Lightning. Good game, Sens won in overtime and the bar bill could have payed for another trip to ... read more