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When you are starting or revamping your business, it is important to be recognizable.  Creating a new identity isn't changing the shape or reputation of your business, but helps your potential customers differentiate your business from the rest.  A recognizable logo and identity, will seperate you so that you stand out, and become familiar to the client.  Familiarity, is trust.


Your logo should be what you feel represents you best.  Whether it be a graphic image, or a simply text done in a recognizable font, or both, it is your stamp that you put on your work.  Even when the public don't know your name, they know your symbol.


Redhead Designs will design and execute an entire identity for you.  Ranging from your logo, to business card, letterhead and envelopes.  For existing businesses, you can often re-vamp a great logo, and update it as well.


Dynamic Digital Advertising says :

Immediate Public Recognition.  Nothing is more effective than being able to establish a corporate identity that delivers a message through design before any spoken or written words are delivered. Successful companies who have created a solid corporate identity have reputations that precede their advertisements. Long-time customers who recognize an advertisement or website as belonging to your company are more likely to pay attention to your ad and give more business to your company. New customers seeing your advertisements immediately know whether your marketing message is selling a product or service they might want to purchase.